Hot dogs, fireworks and Rick Camp

“I saw things, ” New York first baseman Keith Hernandez said, “that I’ve never seen in my major league career.”


3 thoughts on “Hot dogs, fireworks and Rick Camp

  1. One of my fondest childhood memories when Rick “Freebird” Camp hit that homer. A classic game for the ages!

  2. It’s a shame they lost the game. I remember in the late 90’s as a kid they showed highlights of the game and i watched intently not knowing the outcome. I went from thinking it was over with rick camp up to thinking the braves would inevitably win after he put one out. I was crushed when they lost.

  3. I was working as the sports desk slot at The Chattanooga Times when that game took place. We would always try to get the Braves game into the late edition, but that game lasted so long, we gave up long before it ended. After deadline, a couple of us stayed around the office and watched a few more innings on TV, but probably around the 15th inning, I called it a night and went home. Once I got home, a friend of mine in Oklahoma called me and asked, “Are you watching this?” which, of course, I was. I watched a couple more innings while shooting the shit with him on the phone, but when Rick Camp hit his homer, I concluded that the game would never end, hung up the phone, turned off the TV, and went to bed.

    I still sort of think of that game as though it’s still going on.

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