Open thread, 7/2, #Braves vs. Adam Sandlers

I’m not yet convinced the Braves are a contender, but one thing I do know after watching the first two games of this series: The Mets are bad. Really, really bad. They may have a chance tonight, as they start a pitcher, Jacob DeGrom, whom the Braves have never faced before. But the Bravos counter with Julio Teheran, who just keeps getting better and will face a Mets line-up still missing David Wright.

The Braves line-up once again starts with the two players worst at getting on base, but Andrelton especially is showing signs of life at the plate. Good to see Bethancourt getting the majority of starts with Gattis out.

BUpton cf. Simmons ss, Freeman 1b, JUpton lf. Heyward rf. Johnson 3b, La Stella 2b, Bethancourt c, Teheran p


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 7/2, #Braves vs. Adam Sandlers

  1. Today’s choice may be the scariest celebrity you’ve picked (and picked on) yet.

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