Open Thread, July 1, #Braves vs. Nathan Deal

Our allegedly (the Office legal advisor advises we use that word) corrupt governor will throw out the first pitch tonight, according to said governor’s twitter account.

Maybe Terry Collins will ask him if he can play third base! Boom!

After Nathan Deal throws from the right, presumably, Mike Minor needs to go out and throw well with his left arm. Minor will be pivotal in the second half. Julio T., I’m convinced, is a legit ace and he’ll keep pitching like one. Santana is a solid veteran. He’ll come back around. Wood has looked good, but we don’t really know what to expect from him in a division race. Harang could collapse at any moment, and we’ll be lucky to have gotten what we have. In that mix, we really need Minor to be consistently good. We must have at least three reliable starters to outdistance the Natspos, who have four reliable starters. And I think it’s important to win the division and not roll the dice on a one gamer with this boom and bust lineup.

I’m hoping Mikey does a 1991 Smoltzie — first half, 2-11, 5.16; second half, 12-2, 2.63.

Tonight’s as good a time as any to get rolling. Supporting the southpaw: BJ, Andrelton, Freeman, Justin, J-Hey, Johnson, LaStella, Bethancourt, Minor. Glad to see Bethancourt getting starts. He looks really good behind the dish.

Programming note: quarterly, or halflway, report on pitching, defense and miscellany to come.


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