Time to make some hay

I’m still not bullish on this Braves team, but their improved play of late (which has nothing to do with B.J. Upton batting lead-off; he’s reached base 6 times in 6 games atop the order) and the schedule that follows bodes well for the local nine.

It’ll be a month from today before the Bravos face a team with a winning record. They have 13 games remaining in the first half, all against the dregs of the National League: the Mets, sans David Wright, and D’backs at home followed by four in Flushing and three at Wrigley. They return home after the ASG for nine games against the Phils, Fish and Padres before ending the month with a series vs. the Dodgers.

They should win twice as many as they lose over this stretch, which would put them 10 games over .500 (at worst). Better beat up on the marshmallows because the August schedule is much more difficult, including a three-city road trip and series vs. the Dodgers, Nats, A’s, Pirates, Reds and Mariners.



4 thoughts on “Time to make some hay

  1. Speaking of schedules, how did the Natspos get a scheduled off-day on a Sunday (with a double-header the day before)?

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