Open Thread, June 28, #Braves vs. Norman Fells

Braves hitters might have a chance to have some fun today. In Game 1 of a split twin bill, they face the hurler formerly known as Fausto Carmona and now Roberto Hernandez. A guy with mediocre numbers at AAA, Sean O’ Sullivan, toes the slab in the nightcap. Of course, a Phillies blogger might write the same thing, as Ervin and Hale have not exactly been dominant lately.

Santana pitched pretty well last time out, though, and I think he’s about to have another good run. Hale has been somewhat hellish lately but he pitched well as a starter earlier this season.

It’s early, so no lineups are up yet. Of course we don’t know if Oafbatross will start a game. I had no problem with him playing last night. LaStella has been struggling at the plate and it was just one game, after all, and shockingly enough Oaf didn’t do anything atrocious. CB, though, theorized that him simply throwing the ball to Andrelton led the best shortstop in the game to drop the ball. Maybe. It was a good throw, though.

Anyway, I’m guessing LaStella bats second in the first game. Let’s hope Gattis is able to play. If he is, he’ll probably start the second game to give his back a little longer to improve.

Game 1 lineup:

1 B Upton CF 2 Simmons SS 3 Freeman 1B 4 J Upton LF 5 Heyward RF 6 Johnson 3B 7 La Stella 2B 8 Laird C 9 Santana P



2 thoughts on “Open Thread, June 28, #Braves vs. Norman Fells

  1. Looking forward to Bethancourt making an appearance in the nightcap, since it doesn’t involve the dreaded Gattis in LF experiment gone horribly wrong. By the way given the Norman Fell photo, Audra Lindley’s from Los Angeles. Just something to keep in mind the next time we play the Dodgers.

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