Open thread, 6/27, #Braves vs. Dick Clarks

Fredi ups the stupidity ante with tonight’s line-up, moving Andrelton and his .290 OBP to the 2-hole behind B.J., who gets on base just 27 percent of the time. Meanwhile, the team’s hottest hitter is batting 6th.

And as a bonus, Dan Uggla gets the nod at 2B against right-hander Kyle Kendrick. With a doubleheader tomorrow, we might see Uggla more than once this weekend. Ugh.

1. B. Upton CF 2. Simmons SS 3. Freeman 1B 4. Gattis C 5. Heyward RF 6. J Upton LF 7. Johnson 3B 8. Uggla 2B 9. Teheran P


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