Open thread, 6/26, #Braves vs. David Koreshes

I guess Fredi’s patting himself on the back for his new line-up, but pitching has won these first two games. It’ll take another strong outing from Mike Minor today facing former Phillies prospect Jarred Cosart, who has won 6 of his last 9 starts with an ERA under three.

The line-up:

B.J., LaStella, Freddie, Gattis (DH), Jay Hey, J-Up, CJ, Simmons, Laird



15 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/26, #Braves vs. David Koreshes

  1. BJ playing like a prototypical leadoff man: single, stolen base, to third on a bad throw, then scores on a sac fly. Fredi’s a genius.

  2. I’m listening on the radio, but sounds like Minor’s sharp. Let’s hope the offense can get him a couple more runs.

  3. Shockingly, Powell just called out Johnson for not hustling and not going to second while Justin was in a rundown.

  4. And Powell also noted that the Braves are not doing “the little things” well this year. That’s a blazingly obvious observation. But our radio play-by-play guy is not noted for his candor.

  5. Sorry, I know I’m not being very constructive.

    It just seems that every game I watch lately they lose. (I missed the last two)

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