Open thread, June 25, #Braves vs. Joel Osteens

BJ’s hitting leadoff again. What the hell. He homered last night.

Justin did too, and maybe that heralds the start of a hot streak. That gave him 6 RBI for June, so he’s due to get going eventually. Now would work.

Might not be easy tonight. This Collin McHugh guy, a waiver pickup from the Rockies, of all teams, and a product of Berry College in Rome, Ga., no baseball factory, has been good. He’s among AL leaders in ERA, WHIP and batting average against. No one saw it coming. On the other hand, he’s averaging just under 6 innings a start, so it’s not like he’s King Felix.

Wood returns to the Bigs for our side. He was good but a little wild in his two starts at Buford.

Tonight’s lineup: 1 B Upton CF 2 La Stella 2B 3 Freeman 1B 4 Gattis C 5 Heyward RF 6 J Upton LF 7 Johnson 3B 8 Doumit DH 9 Simmons SS Wood P.




One thought on “Open thread, June 25, #Braves vs. Joel Osteens

  1. I just noticed how soft the schedule is through the AS Break. Like really soft. Let’s go slapdicks. Make some hay while the sun is shining.

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