Open Thread, 6.24, #Braves vs. Wes Andersons

Finally. BJ is out of the 2 hole. The bad news? He’s “hitting” leadoff. I’m all for trying anything to revive a zombie lineup.

But BJ hitting first? Hell, maybe he’ll go 4-for-4. More likely, he’ll be 0-for-5. Why do this? As a Brave, in 197 games and 663 at-bats, tonight’s leadoff man, our table setter, is hitting .192. He has 127 hits and 243 strikeouts. His OBP is in the .260s. Uh.

We’ll see. Let’s just hope this does not last. It’s not like Fredi has a ton of options for the top of the lineup. But BJ? BK? The worst everyday player in baseball? Literally. Three AL players have batting averages as low as or lower than BJ’s .202, but they all have better OBPs.No one in the NL is as bad with the bat. BK’s defense sucks, too, and he doesn’t appear to bust his ass much of the time.

Moving on. Our squad pulls into Houston tonight. The Astros have endured three straight 100-loss seasons and five consecutive losing years. They have not been to the playoffs since the NL pennant of 2005. They’re 14.5 games out of first place in the AL West.

Since April, they’ve been better than the Braves. In May and June, Houston is 24-25; the Braves are 21-28. That’s a bigger gap then there is between the Braves and Natspos right now. Anyway, Harang takes the hill tonight in a start that could determine his big league future. Another 9-run type implosion, and his time in the rotation could be short. And one would think that if he ain’t startin, he’s departin.

Tonight’s lineup: BK, LaStella, Freeman, Gattis DH, J-Hey, Justin, Johnson, Andrelton, Laird.

* I loved Anderson’s first two movies, liked a couple more but have soured on the guy since. I’d rather see a good story than old record players and fancy tents. In fairness, I haven’t seen his latest. 

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  1. Van Scott says:

    What percentage of BJ’s strikeouts are called looking?
    Seems to me he it has to be very high.

  2. Sam says:

    LaStella is 2-20 as a lead off hitter. These two at the top of the line up should go 1-8 between them. Probably only see about 25 pitches total.

  3. Salazr2 says:

    I don’t think I’m using BBR right. It’s saying BJ has a 30% K rate.

  4. Jack Straw says:

    Wes Anderson is the BJ Upton of the film world.

  5. Hardly. That would be Michael Bay, or Joel Schumacher. I’d compare him to Jay Hey.

  6. cleteboyerfan says:

    Honestly, BJ leading off? BJ?!? For goodness sake, put LaStella at lead off and give him a chance to find his swing up there. And while you’re at it, put Andrelton in the 2 hole and BJ in the 8 spot.

    I would say that Renny Harlin is the BJ of the film world.

  7. Tokyokie says:

    Hey, I like Wes Anderson! Especially his last two movies.

  8. charlesad says:

    That’s OK, Toky. We don’t have to agree on everything. I loved Bottle Rocket and Rushmore.

  9. Royal Tennenbaums also very good, if only for Gene Hackman’s performance.

  10. So I guess B.J.’s homer will constitute as a rousing success for Fredi’s idiotic new line-up. Wonder if we’ll see Uggla tonight?

  11. RJR Squeeze says:

    I’ll bet anyone that Uggla gets a start in Saturday’s DH. The split-squad nature of any doubeheader, plus a Fredi superstition about that being the park where Uggla last hit a HR, makes it a lock in my book.

  12. Brad Emerson says:

    Wes Anderson has two good movies out of his last five, so he’s hitting double what BJ Upton is.

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