Open Thread, 6.20, #Braves vs. Willard Scotts

The home nine can return to first place tonight. Given Strasburg’s history with the Braves, there’s a reasonable chance to take the first two in this series.

And of course, when the Braves play the Natspos, good things tend to happen. The homies from Hank Aaron Drive are an astounding 23-7 in the past 30 games vs. D.C. That’s a .767 winning percentage

The Braves truly must be in their heads. Generally, I don’t believe in such things in baseball. But how else to explain that lopsided record? Sure, the Braves have been pretty good. But so have the Natspos.

Moving to tonight, Minor needs a good outing. It would help the team, of course, and help him regain his balance. I think it’s fair to say Minor has established himself as a solid big league starter. He put up a 2.90 ERA for the second half of 2012 through all of last season. And he threw 204-2/3 innings last year.

In nine starts this season, only two have been terrible. But last time out was a struggle, as he gave up 11 hits and 3 earned on 103 pitches in just 5 innings. He kept the team in it, but the performance was sort of Tommy Hansonian.

Final note:The Braves called up Ryan Buchter, hard-throwing lefty from Buford, to replace Floyd. Pisser he got hurt. He was masterful last night and very good all season. I’m not sure I’ve seen a team lose 60 percent of its expected rotation. I’m sure it’s happened, but that’s some pretty bad luck.

Tonight’s lineup, with Justin still out: La Stella 2bv, BUpton CF, Freeman 1B, Gattis C, Heyward RF, Johnson 3B, Simmons SS, Schafer LF, Minor P

* Willard Scott portrayed the original Ronald McDonald, according to Wikipedia. That was before he became a famous weatherman and friend of old ladies.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 6.20, #Braves vs. Willard Scotts

  1. I have to say, turning a nobody like Rodrigo Lopez into a useful ‘pen arm is another win for Wren. We definitely need the extra arm out there right now.

    I think Minor is due for a good outing. I like the freddie/gattis/heyward 3-4-5. I also would like to see LaStella in the 2 hole but I guess then fredi would put BJ hitting lead off and we definitely don’t want that.

  2. Any win over Walgreen’s is sweet. Getting blanked in extras by the Gwinnett Braves ‘pen almost adds to the stigma they’re feeling.

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