Open thread, 6/19, #Braves vs. 2008

The sweep by the Phillies took me back to a time I’d rather forget.

It was the first weekend in June 2008. The Braves, coming off a 17-win May, had closed to within 3-1/2 of the Phils and held a 2-1 lead entering the 9th inning of the series opener. After Will Ohman struck out Ryan Howard, Blaine Boyer entered the game and coaxed a weak grounder from Pat Burrell. After walking Geoff Jenkins, and Pedro Feliz, Boyer had Chris Coste where he wanted him, and on a 1-2 pitch the Phils catcher hit a harmless pop-up in back of second base. Can of corn — but instead Kelly Johnson creamed his pants. Tie game. The Phils would go on to sweep the series and the Braves never recovered en route to a 72-90 season.

The Braves should win more than that this year, but at the rate they’re going .500 may be a stretch. Following their 17-7 start only the Rays (.354), Mets (.383) and Padres (.391) have a winning percentage worse than the local nine (.404). It’s looking as if April was the outlier and everything since, the norm.

Fredi ain’t helping matters when he runs out of a line-up with B.J. hitting 2nd. There’s really no defending it.

1. TLS 2 B.J. 3. Freddie 4. Gattis 5. Jay Hey 6. Johnson 7. Doumit 8. Simmons 9. Floyd

Odds and ends: Justin still experiencing slight dizziness, which is worrisome but we’re told he should be good to go tomorrow. Speaking of going, Pedro Beato is headed to the DL after just one game. Hard-throwing Juan Jaime gets the call from Gwinnett, where he has a 2.39 ERA, 13 saves and 40 strikeouts in 26-1/3. Oh, and 20 walks.



6 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/19, #Braves vs. 2008

  1. There’s and old saying that goes “A smelly fish stinks from the head down.” I’m not sure that the Braves management are as feckless as Atlanta’s City Hall…but, they may be. In any case, as long as MrQuirky and Shure-as-shit-holtz stat focused on real estate development (vs. baseball), look for Cobb-bound Braves’ fortunes to sink. See also

  2. I remember that game very well CB; if I remember correctly you had words with a Philly fan who seemed to have more sympathy for us than anything, as he had probably experienced a lot of that up until that season for them.

    Of course we left in the 9th, and then went to 97 Estoria, arriving just in time to see the Braves lose in the 11th inning (or maybe the 12th?). The drinks tasted very bitter that night…

  3. Wow that sucks about Floyd. He was hooking em good tonight. I hope Woody is stretched out.

  4. So we can’t beat Boston or Philly, both mediocre this year, but we own Washington. We’re going to back our way into another Division Title the way things are going.

    Sucks about Floyd for sure though, ESPN says it’s a fractured elbow. Bad news indeed – this would be our 4th pitcher lost this year to elbow surgery (Beachy, Medlen, Gearin, and Floyd). And of course Venters is still recovering from TJ surgery…

    Atlanta…where elbows go to die…

  5. Elbows are dying all over baseball. Amid all our (legitimate) complaining about BJ, I would defend him for last night. He was 0-for-5 but he hit the ball well 3 times and got Eric Gregged on a 3-2 pitch.

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