Open Thread, 6/12, #Braves vs. Jan-Michael Vincents

The Bravos need a victory today to secure a winning road trip against the downtrodden D-Backs and reeling Rockies. Meanwhile, the Natspos seek a four-game sweep at NL West-leading San Fran this afternoon.

The DC club is 8-2 in June. If they keep that up, methinks we’ll be spared another teeth-gnashing October. That’s for another day, far — we hope — in the future. But let’s face it, this Braves team has only a few ways to win. If the starting pitching falters, there’s little else to fall back on. I still think an improved pen could mean 86-88 wins, which if Washington plays well won’t be enough to win the division but should put the Braves in wildcard contention.

Again, though, we’re just a game back, and it’s early June. Let’s go win this series today. The lineup: Heyward, BJ, Freeman, Johnson, LaStella, Simmons, Laird, Schafer LF, Santana.




  1. I have no faith in Ervin pitching in that yard. Throw in the split-squad lineup, and I am not optimistic about today.

  2. Just judging by the internet updates, we seem to be trying to end this raod trip more quickly than successfully.

  3. What’s up with the HBP with 2 out in the 9th? Any bad blood brewing during this game?

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