Negative post alert

You’ve been warned, so don’t complain.

1. Former Braves hitting instructor Merv Rettenmund was fired after a season in which Rico Brogna was the Opening Day 1B, Rey Sanchez started 50 games at SS and B.J. Surhoff often batted clean-up. Under Merv’s tutelage, the ’01 Braves tied for ninth in the NL in batting average (.260), were eighth in on-base percentage (.329), 12th in slugging percentage (.412) and 13th in runs scored (729).

So far in 2014 the Braves are 10th in BA (.243), 12th in OBP (.304), 9th slugging percentage (.381) and 13th in runs scored (230). Oh, and only two NL teams have struck out more. Last year only one team struck out. In 2012, Walker’s first year, the Braves had the 3rd most K’s among NL offenses and batted only .247.

Yet no one seems to be clamoring for his dismissal, not like they were when TP allegedly couldn’t fix the Golden Boy. Forget that, in Pendleton’s last year as Braves hitting coach, the team finished first in NL OBP. They’re 12th this year and, when Walker was with the White Sox, the Pale Hose were consistently among the worst teams in getting on base.

I don’t know if he’s the problem, but he’s obviously not the solution. And since you can’t fire B.J. or Chris Johnson, you might as well fire the hitting coach. Just do something.

2. The number crunchers over at Talking Chop insist “there is nothing wrong” with David Carpenter, who’s now given up 36 hits in 25-1/3 IP, good for a 4.62 ERA. Maybe the author should actually watch Carpenter pitch.

These are the same folks who wrote last July that Dan Uggla was “worth his contract.”

I’ve come around on much of the stats-based analysis, but not when it contradicts the obvious, or places the blame for bad results on luck. More likely: David Carpenter sucks, just as he did every year before 2013.

3. The Rangers are discouraging fans from doing The Wave.

Chuck Morgan, executive vice president of ballpark entertainment and productions, came up with the idea of posting a fun “warning” to fans as they started the wave. It read: “The Republic of Texas Constitution written in 1836 states: a facility has the right, when playing a team from Miami, to turn off the air conditioning in the facility. If the wave continues, the AC will be turned off here tonight.”

What are the odds you’d ever see that happen at Turner Field?


10 thoughts on “Negative post alert

  1. I wonder what’s up with Carpenter. Maybe he’s hurt? Maybe his “feel” isn’t right? I don’t buy that a player merely goes from being awesome one season to cruddy the next without something else being behind it.

    As for Mr. Walker, we can’t put the whole thing on him. Justin Upton K’d a lot for the Diamondbacks. Chris Johnson, B.J., Uggla, all strikeout people too. So yeah, Walker inherited a bunch of windmills. Larry Parrish (uggggg) didn’t have much luck with this lineup either.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have Chipper back as hitting coach? Pipe dream, I’m sure, but that guy knew how to work a count and draw a walk.

  2. Former Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo has been unemployed since the Cubs fired him two years ago. I’m not sure how much of the Rangers’ hitting success was due to steroids, playing in a hitters’ park or Jaramillo’s talents, but not too long ago, he was considered one of the best in the business, and he’s apparently available.

  3. The only thing David Carpenter’s done well lately is plunk Dickerson. Too bad it didn’t ignite a game winning rally.
    To add to what has already been said about the team’s offensive woes, even Freddie F has not been hitting, at least not compared to his last two season. The entire team is struggling.
    Finally, this team doesn’t seem to play with much passion. I hate to pile on BJ when he’s actually had the best month of his Braves career (which is pretty sad, actually), but perhaps its his melancholy that is dragging everyone else down.

  4. The negativity is what I come here for. I’m sure there’s somewhere else I can read some statistically derived drivel from some college kid who hasn’t watched a game in two weeks. Keep up the good work!

  5. “Finally, this team doesn’t seem to play with much passion.”

    I dunno. They always look pretty excited when they win games and hit home runs. They also do macho crap like plunk batters when they think they’ve been slighted. (silly BTW. You can wreck a guy’s career doing that). What constitutes more passion?

  6. Time to clean house. FW, Fredi and their half-assed regime. Never, never any urgency with this team, and they play like they know the media in ATL will never really hold anyone accountable.

  7. This weekend against the Angels really concerns me. I’m afraid that after Sunday nights game the Braves Interleague record will be 0-9. This season is slipping away in a hurry and Fredi is incapable of righting the ship.

  8. “I don’t know if he’s the problem, but he’s certainly not the solution.” Perfectly put. Fire him.
    And YES to Chipper. Attitude is infectious. It’s hard to play with passion when there never is anyone on base. We don’t have rallies, we have long periods of sitting around hoping somebody hits one over the wall. Chipper will infect that clubhouse with a little, much needed attitude.

  9. “Too bad it didn’t ignite a game winning rally.”

    In order for that to happen, the Braves need a line-up that’s not filled with dead-eyed, shuffling zombies.

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