Open thread, 6/8, #Braves vs. the Gin Blossoms

We’ve known since the beginning of the year this team had no margin for error (or errors, in the case of Dan Uggla last night). We thought the bullpen was going to offset some of the other weaknesses but it has sprung a few gaping leaks. Kimbrel is still one of the game’s best relievers, if not the best, but he’s having probably his worst season. And with no depth behind him and an offense that fluctuates between flaccid and mediocre, the Braves just can’t overcome.

Just like when Freddie is slumping. The Braves simply can’t afford it, despite the yeoman efforts of Jay Hey and, at least when he’s hitting at home, Justin Upton. Deeper teams can survive a slump by their star but the Braves clearly cannot. Not when Chris Johnson, who’s batted either clean-up or 5th in 47 of the Braves’ 59 games, has a .268 OBP and .327 slugging percentage Gattis has picked up some of the slack but he’s on the bench usually twice a week.

At least TLS has added some life to the bottom of the order. Meanwhile, the Oafbatross continues to suck the life out of a roster spot. If a .490 OPS and Caminiti-at-1B-esque defense can’t overcome FW’s pride, nothing will.

Hopefully Harang will keep confounding expectations. He’ll likely need to pitch deep into the game if the Braves are going to avoid a series loss.

The line-up:

Heyward 9, BUpton 8, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Johnson 5, La Stella 4, Simmons 6, Laird 2, Harang 1


11 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/8, #Braves vs. the Gin Blossoms

  1. Maybe we’ve discovered Uggla’s defensive strength. Not catching the ball or throwing it.
    He can just bat it around with his glove over to first base.

  2. Van, your comment for some reason reminded me of this scene from “Waiting for Guffman” (the Catherine O’Hara part starting at the 0:43)

  3. This one is on fredi. Everyone in America knew harang was gassed. Gattis should have pinch hit after the laird double

  4. Or in Laird’s place in the 8th inning with the bases loaded. You can’t lose a close game like this with Gattis never having come to the plate (just like La Stella didn’t last night.) It’s happened with Evan numerous times.

  5. The ghost of Bobby Cox was present today. Keeping Harang in is a total Coxian move. A bad move, nonetheless.

    Harang is a powerful bat, though..

  6. Of course let’s not forget the return of our ” ignitor ” in the number two slot of the Braves lineup for the last two games. A “gritty grind em out” 0-10 for BJ.

  7. The Brave’s pitchers have been absolutely pathetic at the plate.
    We should celebrate anytime one of them gets down a sacrifice bunt.

  8. We don’t have a real leadoff or a real No. 2 hitter. This offense is skewed and screwed. Remember Rick Monday doing all those great things at leadoff for the Cubs? Remember how many pennants they won?

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