Open Thread, 6.4, #Braves vs. Kenny G’s

These big early leads haven’t worked out so well lately. But I say keep trying it.

Seems less likely today, though, as the Braves will face a pretty good big league pitcher. Then again, so will the Mariners.

LaStealla has been better than advertised. Meanwhile, defensive miscues continue to plague the home nine. If Johnson makes a routine throw to first, perhaps Seattle never surges last night. And on the Ackley slow roller that preceded Buck’s go-ahead homer, it just looked like Freeman might’ve gone after it a little more aggressively. I suppose he thought Wood might field it. To be fair, it was in one of those in-between spots, and it was a difficult play.

And speaking of Wood, his erratic work out of the pen continues. Got get ’em today, boys.

The lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freeman, Justin, Gattis (hot bat has him in for a day game after a night game), Johnson, LaStella, Simmons, Minor.


2 thoughts on “Open Thread, 6.4, #Braves vs. Kenny G’s

  1. According to Bowman, Braves are not going to release Uggla at any point this year. So basically they’re wasting a roster spot. Another reason why I think it’s time to re-evaluate Frank Wren’s future. It probably won’t happen, but his resume is spotty. Re-signing Freddie, Simmons, Teheran was nice, but who wouldn’t do that? Certainly wouldn’t say the same about Lowe, BJ, Uggla and CJ extensions.

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