Open thread, 5/30, #Braves vs. worst funk this side of Beavis and Butthead’s couch

BK sets such a sterling example, doesn’t he? He yells at LaStella after that popup in LaStella’s second inning in the big leagues. Then after botching a play last night, he blames the grass. This a couple weeks after bitching in the local organ about batting sixth.

His big resurgence since returning to the 2 hole? His average has actually dropped in the past week from .209. That’s not easy to do. In fairness, he is hitting .216 in his past 10 games. He actually had a worse month in May than he did in April. Shockingly, he hit .222 in the season’s first month, which seems almost Rod Carew-like compared to what he’s done the past month. Seriously, I was surpassed to see just now that his average for April was that high.

Oh, well. Let’s hope the grass in Miami is kinder to him. Schafer has done next to nothing this season, so let’s not pretend he’s Brett Butler. However, he could hardly do worse. It’ll be interesting to see what BK will have to do to earn some pine time. I get that he’s singed long term — more on that in a future post — so you give him every possible chance. But his atrocious play, coupled with his apparently less than stellar attitude make you wonder if Fredi might sit him a bit soon.

Not tonight. Teheran, a full-fledged bad ass No. 1 starter, takes the hill. A complete game from him might be the Bravos’ only chance. Florida’s like 410-3 at home this season. 20-8. But you get the idea.

The lineup: J-Hey, BK, Freeman, Justin, Gattis, Johnson, Simmons, LaStella, Julio T.


5 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/30, #Braves vs. worst funk this side of Beavis and Butthead’s couch

  1. Neither Upton is very good @ outfield defense.
    Both play deep and lots of stuff drops in because of that.
    Justin can be excused since he makes up with it by hitting.
    BJ, not so much.

  2. CB, if you can get your hands on a time machine, I’d recommend traveling back to last week and scheduling that four-day, medically-induced coma you were talking about…

  3. CB, they had a Braves flag out today. I didn’t notice whether they had a red sox flag. Heroic effort by Julio tonight — another excellent start, a double to start the game-winning rally. This was a game the Braves badly needed, obviously.

  4. Short of Freddy, Andrelton and some of our pitchers this is a hard team to get excited about.

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