Bases loaded? Pitcher has Braves right where he wants ’em

Trivia question: Who’s the Braves’ best hitter this season with the bases loaded?

A: The Oafbatross.

OK, it’s a bit of a trick question. The Oaf is only 2-for-3 with the sacks full. But his six RBIs, four of which came on one swing during that magic night in Philly, account for nearly half of the team total with the bases loaded, 13. Overall, the club is hitting .152 (5-for-33) in those situations. I was reminded of this last night, of course, after Freeman grounded out in the 7th and thus ended any chance to make the game interesting. That made Freddie 1-for-7 this season with three men on, with three strikeouts. He’s a career .275 hitter with the bases loaded, so it does not appear to be a long-term problem.

I hate picking on Freddie. He’s the team’s best hitter, except when Justin’s hot.

I can’t think of a good transition, but I hope we don’t look back at that blown 6-1 lead as a turning point in this season. More likely, it’ll be one of a dozen turning points, as this team’s play is like an EKG that goes up and down and up and down.


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