Open thread, 5/28, #Braves vs. Dane Cooks

There’s a lot of excitement in Braves country for Tommy LaStella, who profiles as his generation’s Jeff Treadway — a LH hitter who makes good contact, has limited pop, is average defensively and slow afoot.

But Treadway (who struck out only 184 Ks in 2,119 lifetime ABs) is Joe Morgan compared to the three-headed monster that’s been occupying second base for the Bravos. I think we’d all be thrilled if LaStella matched Treadway’s .281 lifetime BA (.290 vs. RHP).

Gavin Floyd toes the slab tonight and he’s owned the Sox: 7-0 with a 3.21 ERA in 9 lifetime starts. Hopefully he’ll mimic Jair Jurrjens’ 2012 gem at Fenway, or Kyle Davies’ MLB debut seven years earlier.

Just please, please, don’t get swept by the Sox. The last-place Sox.

No Andrelton or Gattis, though DOB reports Andrelton should be back in the line-up tomorrow while Gattis might see action tonight. ICYMI, Tyler Pastornicky was demoted to Gwinnett to make room for LaStella.

The line-up:

Jay Hey, BJ, Freddie, J-Up, CJ, Doumit (DH), LaStella, Laird, Pena


7 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/28, #Braves vs. Dane Cooks

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  1. Those Treadway stats are a little startling. I haven’t given the guy his due because I associate him too much with the pre-’91 teams.

  2. Meanwhile, back in 2014, this feels like a series that could go 20 games and the Braves would never win one. They’re giving runs away defensively every night lately. Amazing how this team can go from hot to sub-zero in a couple of days against a team that hadn’t won in over a week.

  3. I guess on the bright side LaStella went 2-for-4? Other than that it seems like another worthless effort from the team; it’s probably safe to say they’ve helped Boston completely forget about their 10-game losing streak.

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