Open thread, 5/27, #Braves vs. Atlanta

The last time I attended a Braves-BoSox game at Turner Field I sat next to one of “them.” A woman, with a Southern accent, cheering on Boston, giving me a dirty look whenever I greeted Big Fraudi with a derisive “Ster-oid” chant.

I finally asked her where she was from. Atlanta, she replied. Then why are you rooting for the Red Sox? Because they win.

(Insert non-PC epithet here.)

Those who rationalize Fenway South as the byproduct of carpetbaggers fail to mention that, when the Red Sox played here prior to their world championship won on the shoulders of cheaters, there was nowhere near this support for the Sox. And what of the 16,000 Heat fans who invade Philips Arena when Miami plays the Hawks?

Okay, so those are the Hawks. Who cares. But the Braves deserve better. They’ve put a winning product on the field for all but one of the last 23 years. Yes, management does things that irk us, but the Braves should never have to play an away game at home. Especially when the other team is the motherfucking Red Sox.

Atlanta is not alone. Bandwagon Sox fans have a tendency to take over visiting ballparks, but rarely to this extent. There’s but one conclusion to come to when analyzing this epidemic:

In a nation of frontrunners, Atlanta is the most frontrunnery.

As for tonight’s game, I have zero optimism. In fact, I’d rather fall asleep and wake up Friday morning.

In the meantime, fuck the Sox and all the douchebags who jump on their bandwagon. If you’re at The Ted tonight, do us a favor and punch one. We’ll bail you out. Promise.

Here’s the line-up.

1. Heyward RF 2. B. Upton CF 3. Freeman 1B 4. J. Upton LF 5. Gattis C 6. Johnson 3B 7. Simmons SS 8. Pastornicky 2B 9 Harang


10 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/27, #Braves vs. Atlanta

  1. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!!

    Up in Toronto we get invaded by Sox fans all the time. (Yankee fans too. The bastards!) It’s way easier to get good seats in Toronto and they just make a trip of it.

    I don’t think we have the same problem of locals cheering the Sox/Yanks. But how would we know the difference? There’s so many invaders it’s hard to pick ’em out.

    To be fair, I jumped on the Braves bandwagon myself. (I wasn’t around for the lean years) but I was 11 freakin’ years old when Sid slid and that’s the kind of play that makes a fan.

  2. Wasn’t this the same charming lady who told you that “the Braves suck!”?

  3. I was sitting next to CB; she did in fact say that the Braves suck. CD said something back to her, to the effect of “what a great way to choose a team!”, but I don’t think she picked up on the sarcasm.

  4. Is the Brave’s pitching staff one of the worst they’ve had @ helping
    themselves with hitting/bunting?

    Hopefully, the Braves will call up La Stella when June rolls around. They can’t take much more
    of Ugg-na-nicky

  5. The Braves front office doesn’t give a fuck that bandwagon Boston fans have invaded the Ted. They love filling the seats with those pale asses . The Braves radio ads sounded absolutely giddy in their promotion of this series.

  6. When I decided to become a Braves around 1960 (I would have been 6), I made a conscious decision not to pick the local team, the Cardinals. (Mind you, they may have been “local,” or at least the closest, but they were still about 400 miles away.) Most people I knew rooted for them, and I wanted to be different. But even then, I thought people who cheered for the Yankees were douchebags (before I even knew what that meant). Being a fan of a team because they win is not being a fan at all and if anybody were to lay that reasoning on me, that would be my contemptuous rejoinder. I chose the Braves because they were a good, not a great team, and even then I knew that it required an utter lack of character to root for a team because it was in first place. (Of course, I didn’t have sufficient character to choose the last-place Phillies as my favorite team.) And, I hasten to point out, I’ve been a Braves fan ever since, although I will admit there have been some seasons in which I didn’t read the box scores very closely.

    CB was far more polite with the faux fan than I would have been.

  7. atlpaddy is right. I couldn’t listen to sports radio this morning – kept talking about the “great atmosphere” at the game how exciting it was to have the Red Sox here. Forget that we just got swept by a team that had lost 10 in a row, a team that half the City seems to love. And the corporate sponsors would love nothing more than for us to play the Red Sox every home game, with all the “great fan support.”

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