Open thread, 5/25, #Braves vs. the Roseannes

I find myself rooting for the Red Sox to break their 9-game skid today, simply because the odds of them losing 14 in a row are slim. Hate to think they’ll snap out of it tomorrow in Fenway South.

The Braves need a win themselves after yesterday’s lackluster effort. The line-up:

Heyward rf, BUpton cf, Freeman 1b, JUpton lf, Gattis c, Johnson 3b, Simmons ss, Pastornicky 2b, Teheran p

 Shocking stat: B.J. has struck out just once on the home stand, with 5 walks, 6 hits and a .984 OPS.



One thought on “Open thread, 5/25, #Braves vs. the Roseannes

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  1. Um, Roseanne’s from about 500 west of Denver. And I kind of imagine anybody who grew up female and Jewish in Salt Lake City (where she’s considered a Gentile) would turn out weird. May I suggest the odious Jan-Michael Vincent as an alternative?

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