Random observations on a Saturday afternoon

  • Chris Johnson’s latest temper tantrum again has me wondering why FW signed him to a contract extension. His defense is subpar, he can’t run worth shit and averages less than 30 walks and more than 140 strikeouts per season. As extensions go, it wasn’t Uggla-dumb but it was another misstep by Wren.
  • Uggla’s last two AB’s Friday night were predictably awful. It’s not just that he sucks, but he refuses to change, swinging from his heels as if he’s still a power threat. And whatever happened to giving the Rev a shot at second? I know he was hurt earlier in the week but he’s been fine since Thursday and hasn’t gotten a start.
  • Chip just included Adeiny Hechavarria and Jimmy Rollins with Andrelton and Tulowitzki in a discussion about All-Star shortstops. Let’s just be thankful he isn’t paired with Harold Reynolds, who seems to grow dumber with each passing year. Or worse, Todd Helton, the mancrush that won’t die.
  • Looks like another paltry crowd at the Ted today. I’ve heard a lot of theories floated for the drop in attendance, but only two make sense. Obviously the move to Cobb has alienated a lot of intown fans, and rightly so. But the bigger factor, IMO, is price. Upper box tickets, which averaged $12 as recently as two years ago, are routinely double that, if not more. And discounts aren’t what they seem. A few weeks ago the team promoted $5 seats in the terrace level, which was a blatant lie. You can only purchase those tickets online, where there’s a $5 service charge. Prices are also on the rise inside the stadium. A Budweiser sets you back $8-plus, a Coke, $6 and bottled water goes for $4. In what universe is that fan-friendly?
  • The Red Sox have the fourth-worst record in baseball. Let’s hope their upcoming visit to Fenway South doesn’t serve as a rallying cry.
  • Which division is worse: the AL East or NL East?
  • Bud Selig calling instant replay a “unqualified success”  tells you all you need to know about The Used Car Salesman.
  • I hesitate to say it, but B.J. may finally be coming around.
  • Another annoying AT&T commercial on continuous loop on this season’s telecasts, but the Zaxby’s commercials featuring the women from “Duck Dynasty” (I think that’s who they are) is even worse. Still, nothing will ever top the awfulness of this spot.

4 thoughts on “Random observations on a Saturday afternoon

  1. “Alienated in-town fans”? You got that right! A devoted fan for nearly 40 years (and mid-town resident) I rarely missed a game, at least on TV. But, in the wake of Terry McQuirk’s and John Shure-as-shit-holtz’ abandonment of Atlanta, I for one won’t see another inning of Braves baseball. With any luck, there’s still a future for Turner field (ga State footbal anyone?); but not with these Brave traitors. see also http://www.SaveTheTed.org

  2. Duck Dynasty wives? Well that explains a lot (like what the blue hell women that stiff and talent free are doing appearing on TV outside of a public access show.)

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