Open thread, May 24, #Braves vs. Ted Haggards

The Braves are playing good ball, and it’s not all because Freeman’s getting clutch hits. He had a huge game in the finale in St. Louis, but hasn’t done too much in the five games since. Laird and Doumit have, Justin has, Heyward continues his upswing, and the pitching has generally remained solid.

A concern earlier, the bullpen has been especially good lately. The relievers in the past week have allowed just 3 earned runs in 16 innings, an ERA of 1.69.

Minor looks to keep up is good work, and he won’t have to face CarGo or Blackmon. The enemy moundsman, Juan Nicasio has a better ERA by more than a run at Coors Field than he has on the road. Odd. Let’s hope he keeps picking poorly.

He’ll face: J-Hey, BJ, Freeman, Justin, Gattis, Johnson, Simmons, Pena 2B, Minor.

Kudos to Fredi for yanking Johnson after his meltdown in the tunnel, and kudos to CJ for apologizing to everyone for it.

* Haggard is a despicable “religious” hypocrite who lives in Colorado.  


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