Crowds off 3,000-plus per game; four other teams show bigger declines

Braves average home attendance through 26 games is down 3,948 per date this season compared to 2013.

Four teams have had bigger declines than the Braves: the Phillies, Blue Jays, Tigers and Twins. Interestingly, the Nationals’ gate is down about as much as the home team’s: 3,948 vs. 3,632. Overall, MLB attendance is essentially flat, down 204 to 28,665. Braves home attendance is down 13 percent. Phillies crowds are off 19 percent. The 2013-2014 comparison is here. 

So far, the average crowd on Hank Aaron Drive is 26,690. After 26 games last year, it was 30,638. From 1992 through 1999, the Braves were first, second or third in the NL in attendance each season. The peak was 1993, when the home team averaged 47,000-plus. That would top the bigs this season.

The worst draw in Atlanta Braves history was the 1975 squad, which packed in an average of 6,600 a night. That wasn’t even worst in the NL, though. The Giants drew even fewer people to Candlestick that season, even though they were 13 games better than the Braves.


2 thoughts on “Crowds off 3,000-plus per game; four other teams show bigger declines

  1. Philly down 7k haha. Their fans don’t come to the Ted anymore either maybe that’s the difference. I swear as recently as a couple years ago there were always Phils fans around even when we weren’t playing against them.

  2. The Philly thing has been coming for a couple of years. They only drew when they were on their division title run. If you ever saw a game played there it was obvious that a good majority of the people there had no idea what the hell was going on and would Willard right into the drink the second the ship started sinking.

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