Random notes on a night at the yard

The fam had a delightful time at the yard last night. First off, the interminable 7th inning confab notwithstanding, it was a stirring and significant win for the home nine. Taking two of three from the NL Central leaders, and coming back from three runs down to do it, feels big. Splitting after taking the first two games of the series would have been a letdown. I suspect the team feels much the same.

Winning on a night when the lone constant for this team, starting pitching, faltered, also is satisfying. Was that Oafbatross and BK reaching base a combined four times, scoring three runs, and starting the comeback with an opposite field homer? Glory be! BK’s roundtripper sprang off the top of the wall right in front of us in section 125. It was pretty cool to see the right fielder speed back, leap and then have the ball just elude his glove and kangaroo several rows up. And how long would it be between significant hits for BK and Oaf? Just one inning, as the second sacker delivered a single in the 3-run seventh.

But along with Doumit, who suddenly is a bad ass pinch hitter, the night’s hero was the big lefty galoot Ian Thomas. What he did defines defusing a rally. From first-and-third-one-out, he made it two outs and a man on third before throwing a pitch, and then extinguished the Brewer threat in four pitches, excluding an intentional walk. He fanned Garza, but still, it was 4-1 Brewers and one more run there probably ends the Bravos’ chances.

As much fun as the game itself was, the crowd in 125 was also a blast. For starters, a really cool guy was next to me: Mike, a bar tender at a bar in Morningside called The Family Dog. Mike gave my kid his Andrelton bobble head. We had gotten a broken one, the last available when we entered the gate during the top of the first. (It’s hard to get places on time with a 4-year-old.) Mike also kept up a steady and clever harangue — get it? — of Ryan Braun until the d-bag right fielder exited early. Mike looked up obscure facts about Braun on his smart phone and yelled things like, “Coach Thompson (high school coach) is very disappointed in you” and “Granada Hills High won’t be inviting you to speak at the commencement.”

Mike also attended Wednesday night’s loss, and later described the 7th inning weirdness as “pitching change miasma.” I witnessed the three-run rally from the shadow of the giant plastic cow. The kid was at “the running place” as he calls it. He was pretty fascinated by the bovine’s tomahawk chopping front leg and the tool race, so I guess that sort of thing is aimed at the toddler-to-grade scholar demographic. This morning, the kid was still repeating some of the things Mike and others yelled last night.

So a tip of the Braves cap to Mike, who also sneaked in a flask of bourbon that he willingly shared. Next time you’re in Morningside, stop by The Family Dog. If you see a guy with glasses and a heavy dark beard, that should be Mike.

All in all, a beautiful night, a beautiful Braves victory and the start of a four-day weekend. That’s like Jose Feiliciano — you got no complaints.

* I love Steve Buscemi, and you should too.


6 thoughts on “Random notes on a night at the yard

  1. Great comeback win. And I too love Steve Buscemi. “Trees Lounge” is a minor classic.

  2. I love the background that makes J Hey look 100 ft tall. Keep up the the good work

  3. In other news… Braves minor leaguer Mikey Reynolds suspended for Methylphenidate. It’s a stimulant not unlike the greenies that have been rampant in the past.

    It combats drowsiness and helps you focus reeeeal good. Everything moves slower and baseballs become easier to hit over fences.

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