Open Thread, May 23, #Braves vs. the Ham Roves

The Rockies, of course, have been playing slow-pitch softball offense. But that’s been mainly at Coors Field. On the road, they’re 10-14 and hitting about .100 points less than they are in the altitude. They are on Hank Aaron Drive for the weekend.

Plus, Carlos Gonzalez has an owie in a finger and isn’t in the lineup tonight. He’s day to day. Tonight’s Colorado hurler, Jordan Lyles, is having an erratic season. His overall main numbers aren’t bad — 5-1, 3.50 — but he’s had some crappy starts, including his last one when he gave up 6 runs and lasted just 3-1/3 innings against the punchless Padres.

Floyd goes for the home squad. He’s been good. Tonight’s lineup: J-Hey, BK, Freeman, Justin, Johnson, Simmons, Oafbatross, Laird, Floyd. Oaf reached base twice last night. I guess that’s earned him the start. The Rev’s OK, but Fredi likes the matchup with Oaf against the Rocks’ righty, according to the local organ’s scribe. He’s 2-for-3 against him.

* Karl Rove is a Denver native, though I suppose Ham Rove was technically born in New York City on the Colbert Report set. 


8 thoughts on “Open Thread, May 23, #Braves vs. the Ham Roves

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  1. It really is uncanny how much Rove resembles a ham.

    Just over 25K on a Friday night is really low though, especially with a decent Rockies team coming into town. Nice to get the win for sure though; and it’s really nice to see J-Hey’s average creeping up every game. If he can get hot like he did last year that would be a huge boost for the offense.

  2. I kept looking around my section waiting for everyone to show up, but they never did. I think this story will get more attention as the season progresses.

  3. Like it or not, Uggla and B J are the faces of this team and they’re not inspiring anyone to drop their discretionary income on a night at the ballpark.

  4. Hard to blame Uggla for being mad. It was the second time Lyles had thrown a pitch near his head.

  5. Like any pitcher wants to hit Uggla — and Oafbatross predictably tries to hit the next pitch to Alabama. Oaf indeed. Fredi will probably run him out there today because he had a hit two years ago off Juan Nicasio.

  6. Whether he was trying to hit him is beside the point. He threw pitches at his head twice, which almost never happens in a game. Any player would have been pissed. Uggla sucks, but do we have to rip him for being human?

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