Open thread, 5/21, #Braves vs. Steve Ziems

A tip of the cap to Carlos Gomez, who, according to DOB, visited the 8-year-old hit by a foul ball off the Brewer CF’s bat. Dude’s not all bad. Glad to hear CJ and Gerald Laird also paid a visit to the poor kid, who is awake and talking and in good spirits.

Good spirits abound in these parts after Julio became the youngest Brave hurler to throw multiple shutouts in a season since Steve Avery in ’92.

But how long will it last? Can Justin remain productive for more than a week at a time? Can B.J. go back-to-back games without a strikeout?

Laird and Pena are back in the line-up tonight, though the Rev. and Gattis will probably return tomorrow. When they do, it’ll be interesting to see if Fredi sticks with the current alignment. Justin seems more comfortable in the 4th spot, although I’d like to see Andrelton move up.

Tonight’s starting 9:

1. Heyward RF 2. Pena 2B 3. Freeman 1B 4. JUpton LF 5. Johnson 3B 6. BUpton CF 7. Simmons SS 8. Laird C 9. Santana P

Ziem, who pitched 2 games for the ’87 Braves, hails from Milwaukee.


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