Open Thread, 5/20, #Braves vs. Liberaces

J-Hey’s OBP is up to .323. It ain’t Rickey Henderson good, but at least it’s above league average, and climbing: .500 for the past week, .386 over the past two weeks, and .350 for the past month. And J-Hey is hitting .274 over the past month. So while no one’s looking, Heyward is steadily putting things together.

BK (new name, which I hope he forces me to quickly shelve) reached base thrice last night. He’s done that three times this season, or two times fewer than Chris Johnson, six fewer than Justin, and 10 fewer than Troy Tulowitzki.

More good news heading into tonight is that Julio is pitching. And after his only truly bad start last time out in Frisco, he seems sure to return to form. A bit of bad news: Gallardo has owned the Bravos (5-1, 1.79). However, he’s struggled in his past three starts. That slide, combined with the Braves offensive surge — yeah, it’s just two games so I’m going Jim Powell here, I know — could spell good things tonight on Hank Aaron Drive.

The lineup, which is probably the best one Fredi can field right now (iffy on BK hitting 6th or at all, of course, but who knows? Maybe he’s rising to mediocrity): J-Hey, Justin, Freeman, Gattis, Johnson, BK, Simmons, Pena, Julio.

* Yes, Władziu Valentino Liberace was born and raised in suburban Milwaukee.


9 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5/20, #Braves vs. Liberaces

  1. Justin’s opposite field shot reminded me of how Murph used to hit many of his HRs.

  2. Good series win; funny how three days can really change one’s perspective…

    I figure we should be used to that now being Braves fans, but oh well, I’ll definitely take the wins!

  3. Actually, Caz, it’s a four-game series. But, yeah, three straight wins and I’m feeling good again after comparing this team to the godawful 1988 Braves just a few days ago.

  4. Great old school pitching outing by Julio. And it’s great to see the bats wake up. Of course, with the way the offense has been built, the Braves are as streaky as hell. Might as well enjoy this streak while we can.

  5. The team is definitely streaky; the good news is that with the pitching being as solid as it is the Braves could easily put a couple of 10+ game winning streaks together when their offense is hot. As long as they can keep from having any prolonged losing streaks they should be in playoff contention all year.

    I guess we’ll just have to hope the “good” offense shows up more often than the “bad”.

    Awesome outing by Julio though; I’m betting he can get to 18 wins as long as the offense scores runs for him.

  6. We are 8-5 since the losing streak. But good teams handle us pretty easily.

    I would not have let Teheran throw that many pitches.

  7. Touche RJR, I was thinking of the Giants and St. Louis. But I don’t expect Milwaukee to be there in September, even with Rodriguez in the pen.

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