Open thread, 5/19, #Braves vs. Bernardine Dohrns

Yesterday’s win was the biggest of the year, but it won’t mean much if the Braves can’t make some hay during this 9-game home stand. Not going to be easy, with the Brewers, Rockies and Red Sox on tap, followed by two in Fenway.

B.J. is back in the line-up despite two strong AB’s late Sunday by Jordan Schafer. Anyone think B.J. would’ve coaxed walks in those situations? I know, Schafer is no Mike Trout, Heck, he’s no Rowland Office, but could he be worse than B.J.’s been? There’s no comparing their overall resumes, but Schafer had a damn good first half last year before injuring his ankle. In 61 games (26 starts), Jordan hit .312 with a .399 OBP and .464 slugging percentage. Against righties, he batted .265 for the year.

The Braves face a tough righty tonight. Wily Peralta is finally delivering on his promise, posting a 2.05 ERA and 1.10 WHIP in 8 starts, with 39 K’s and 10 walks. I’m sure he’s glad to see B.J. batting 6th.

Bossman Junior. — who has twice as many strikeouts than hits during his tenure with the Braves — isn’t happy about it, telling Jeff Schultz he’d rather hit elsewhere.

“Yeah, but I’m not saying that’s it,” he said. “But I never really felt well where I’m at now (in the sixth spot) in the past, so … Do I want to hit there? No.”

He is hitting .213 (23-for-108) batting second, .000 (0-for-3) batting fifth and .188 (6-for-32) batting sixth. There are only two absolutes when it comes to Upton: 1) He stinks no matter what here he is in the order; 2) He’s a head case.

A little accountability would be nice.

To put it mildly. Actually, I agree that B.J. shouldn’t be hitting 6th. Ninth, maybe.

Last month, the biggest free agent bust in Braves, and perhaps baseball, history, groused about the criticism he receives on Twitter.

“Oh yeah. They’re all over me already,” Upton said about fan criticism Tuesday. “Whatever. They don’t have to come out and play.”

So you go on Twitter a lot?

“I check it every once in a while. If you don’t check it out, it backs up (with messages) and you have to scroll all the way to the top. So I see it. But that’s the thing about social media these days. Everybody has something to say. But like I said: They don’t have to play, and I don’t have to see them.”

Unfortunately, we have to see him play.

B.J. should be grateful Atlanta fans are so, uh, passive. Imagine the reception he’d receive in Philly or New York.

Regardless, he has no room to grouse.

Dohrn, the former domestic terrorist and wife of Bill Ayers, hails from Milwaukee. I hear she’s a big Billy Jo Robidoux fan. 

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  1. Tokyokie says:

    Every time I see a position player come in to pitch, I remember Bobby Valentine, after months of hectoring by Jose Canseco, finally let the ‘roided up knucklehead give it a try, and he promptly blew out his elbow, requiring Tommy John surgery. Although I doubt the Brewers consider Lyle Overbay to be as key a part of their batting order.

  2. tbone82 says:

    Bowman tweets: “Wonder how many times a guy has thrown the last pitch and taken the last swing for a team in a game? Overbay just did.”

    Rick Camp, anyone?

  3. charlesad says:

    Who were those guys in Braves unis? Maybe this is the start of something good.

  4. Jack Straw says:

    Even BJ reached base three times. Keep ripping him, please, at least until he gets his average up to .235.

  5. NahaGomez says:

    Kevin Kennedy, not Bobby Valentine, was the Rangers Mgr who let Canseco pitch in 1993.

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