Open thread, 5/17, #Braves vs. the Jimmy Connorses

Some suggest games against the Cardinals and Giants are a useful barometer, as those have been the NL’s two best teams in recent years. If that is the case, the reading is not promising. Our Bravos are 2-8 against those two clubs.

As if we need another stat to tell us the Brave are struggling. But man, they are hard to watch right now. BJ, for example, has four hits and 14 strikeouts in his past seven games. He’s approaching Oafbatross territory, only he’s signed for three more years after this one.

Maybe our homies can show some patience against Shelby Miller, who has an ERA of 3.22 but has allowed plenty of base runners, 27 of them via walks in 44 innings.

Today’s lineup is familiar: J-Hey, Justin, Freeman, Gattis, Johnson, BJ, Simmons, Harang, Pastornicky.



4 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/17, #Braves vs. the Jimmy Connorses

  1. By my count, the Braves have been shut out 5 times, held to 1 run 9 times, and to 2 runs 5 times.That’s 19 games out of 41 played in which the team has scored fewer than 3 runs. And that’s bad. Basically, this is a team that’s supposed to score by hitting home runs that isn’t hitting home runs. (I believe the last one was in the opener of the Giants series.) My question is why is Greg Walker still employed?

  2. I’ve never liked this lineup of strikeout artists. Wren seems to be running an experiment of applying sabermetric theories to lineup construction.

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