Open Thread, 5/16, #Braves vs. Scott Bakulas

First, the routine stuff. The Bravos need to prove they can win a series against somebody besides the Little Bears. Haven’t done so in abut 3 weeks. On the plus side, they won’t face the Cardinals’ two best pitchers, Wainwright and Wacha.

Of course, the way the Bravos have been swinging — and swinging and swinging at everything, as G. Walker explains in the local organ — it doesn’t much matter whom they face. Let’s get it rolling tonight, fellas.


3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5/16, #Braves vs. Scott Bakulas

  1. We really need a lead-off hitter. The Heyward-as-leadoff-guy experiment has run its course. It isn’t fair to him, either. Put BJ up there for 20 games and see if he can make consistent contact.

  2. It would be the first consistent contact he’s made as a Brave. B.J.’s OBP: .280; Jay Hey’s: .304. Not much sense in replacing one underachiever w/ one who’s underachieved more.

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