Open Thread, 5/14, #Braves vs. Jim Joneses

When Julio T. started on Opening Day, most people thought of it as by default. Medlen’s gone. Minor’s not back yet. Beachy’s gone. I guess that leaves Julio.

Turns out the 23-year-old Colombian has been every bit the No. 1 starter this season. He’s second in the NL in WHIP and batting average allowed. He’s third in ERA and WAR among pitchers. He’s averaging 7-plus innings a start. He’s the first Brave to throw a 1-0 complete game shutout in a dozen years. He has allowed 3 earned runs once and more than 3 zero times in his eight starts. The Braves are 6-2 in those eight games.

Julio is sixth in the league in innings pitched, and he’ll move up that list tonight. He’s thrown 25 perfect innings; so 43 percent of his innings have been three-up, three down. That’s how you compile a sub-1 WHIP.

Heady stuff. And he’s faced a roster of aces from other teams: Cliff Lee, Cueto, Strasburg, Gallardo, Jason Hammel (he’s been an ace so far this season). In short, in case you’ve missed it, Julio T. is killing it this year. Name a better young starter in the NL East who is not on the DL. There isn’t one. Fernandez and Harvey are both, sadly, disabled for a while. I’d rank Julio right behind those guys right now.

He’ll probably need to keep it up as the Bravos face the tough lefty from North Carolina today, Madison Bumgarner. He’s allowed s a lot of baserunners–20 more than Julio in 9 fewer innings pitched. He just hasn’t allowed too many of them to score. Maybe today the following lineup can scratch out a few tallies:

Pastornicky, J-Up, Freeman, Gattis, Johnson, BJ, Doumit 9, Simmons, Julio. Yep, the pitcher is batting 9th. The local organ scribe says Fredi says it’s a regular day off for J-Hey. It ain’t like he’s ripping lefties, anyway.

* The infamous cult leader based his “temple” in the Bay Area before decamping for Guyana.


6 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5/14, #Braves vs. Jim Joneses

  1. Dammit. I gush about Julio and he’s struggling to get out of the first inning.

  2. Gah! You jinxed it. You and CB always so positive on this blog. I don’t mean to offend, but you guys are always writing such nice stuff and it’s clearly affecting the players on the field. If you keep it up I’m going to find another blog that better embodies the snarky, sarcastic style that I enjoy so much!

  3. You win some, you lose some. A team could win 100 games and still not win the World Series. What’s most important is that this team stays healthy and gets hot in October. The pitching depth is good. I expect a couple more pitcher injuries. Either arm-related or freak stuff like what happened to Huddy.

    The good news is that we all know what this team can do when Heyward gets on base. He’s incredibly streaky. He can’t be this bad all season.

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