New ballpark design looks pretty cool

It would’ve been nice if they could have incorporated a nod to Fulco. I’m not an architect, but I suspect that would have been tricky. And I didn’t expect it.

In any case, the renderings look really nice. The outfield fence appears to have some angles to it, but nothing absurd like the hill in Houston. The roof is 90 feet, which will offer a lot of shade, and there’ll be air conditioning on every level, according to the Braves’ website. I suppose that means every concourse will be enclosed, like Turner Field’s club level. That’s nice. From these renderings, at least, it does not appear that the architects tried to make it seem old, which would be futile and stupid, sitting out next to I-285.

It’ll have a higher percentage of seats close to the field than any other big league park, says the website. And there’s going to be a fountain outside and a small hotel with rooms overlooking the field.

You can see for yourself.


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