Braves attendance down sharply

Through 21 games last year, the Braves averaged 30,162 fans. Through the same number of games in 2014, attendance is down nearly 3,000 per contest, to 27,595 — about what Arizona, the worst team in the NL, is drawing.


I blame Dan Uggla.


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  1. It’s pretty depressing, for sure. My takeis that it’s a combination of downtown fans extending a finger, a woeful hitting club making the product tough to watch, and the continuation of an overall downward trend that will enjoy a blip in 2017 but generally continue until new ownership provides some energy.

  2. Lot of macroeconomic influences in play, I’m sure, but it doesn’t help that management whiffed so badly on two major deals that were hoped to inspire the fan base (with said players depressingly hovering around like ghosts visiting Scrooge), that there are no exciting star position players coming through the farm system, and that the offense is so slow and ill-equipped to exert any pressure at all without a power hit. Half of a Braves game is spent marveling at the skill and grit of the pitching, the other half nodding off through our at-bats.

    Also, much as I believed it was time for each to go, Chipper and McCann did put faithful butts in the seats.

  3. A confluence of factors, but I would guess that the sluggish offense is mostly to blame. Real baseball fans love a 2-1 thriller, but casual fans do not.

  4. Jack, I think real fans love a 2-1 thriller that’s well played, but one in which the batters are hacking at everything within a foot of the strike zone, not so much.

  5. “downtown fans extending a finger”

    I’m a fan usually good for 10-15 games. I’m going to none. I live somewhat close to the stadium now but would feel the same way wherever I lived (the new place is only 6.8743 miles away right? And it has an Atlanta address! Ug. Gag me)

    Turner Field is a great stadium and it’s unconscionable that they would move. I definitely have clothes older than this stadium.

  6. Throughout the good and the bad, intown fans have gone to games. But the move, and how it went down, has left a lot of formerly loyal fans with sour mouths. Former attendees of 30+ games per year, who happen to live in the supposedly “undesirable” attendance zones of intown, the Southside, and the Eastside, are disgusted and aren’t supporting the Braves. And I very much doubt the Braves are going to replace these attendees with all their “target audience” folks at the new location. Because the Boomers dominating Cobb who like to go to bed at 9 aren’t any more likely to attend a 7:35 pm game in Cumberland than they are at Turner Field when it’s still a good 30 minutes away from home. Bad move by the Braves in abandoning a centralized location. I predict a move to Charlotte in 2025. To a downtown location.

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