Open Thread, 5.11, #Braves vs. Charlton Hestons

Despite Jim Powell’s best efforts, I’m just not seeing all these “solid” at-bats from B.J. As recently as Friday night, the Braves radio yes-man was still prattling on about Bossman Junior’s improvement. Yeah, it lasted about a week and a half. In his past 10 games, he’s hitting .178. Then again, he got a bunt down last night, which for this club is akin to a walk-off grand slam.

BJ has plenty of company, of course, starting with the leadoff man. While most of us focus on BJ and Oafbatross, Heyward is having a horrible season at bat. When your leadoff hitter can’t get on base even 30 percent of the time, that is not a good start. Indeed, as our heroes prepare to perhaps sweep the Little Bears on this cloudy Mom’s Day, we have but two regulars — Freeman and Justin — with OBPs of .300 or better. Not good.

It’s astounding that the Braves sit atop the East with just two players at even the league average in on base percentage, which is a modest .311. Pitching, pitching, pitching. Broken record…..I still contend that the offense will eventually perk up, likely when J-Hey does.

Schafer finally gets a chance to start today, for just the fourth time this season. He’s just 3-for-19 (.158), so it ain’t like he’s been tearing it up. Justin sits because of back spasms after his heads-up play as part of the run down last night.

Your lineup: J-Hey, Pastornicky 2B, Freeman, Gattis, Johnson, Doumit LF, Simmons, Harang, Schafer CF.

* The late gun nut/Planet of the Apes astronaut/Moses/many other roles is a native of suburban Chicago, same as Wayne and Garth. Heston was born in Evanston and not Aurora. Tip o’ the Braves cap to Tokyokie. 


7 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5.11, #Braves vs. Charlton Hestons

  1. While Heyward’s unwinding-of-long-arms swing has holes that I guess are on him for not adjusting, he deserves credit for stepping into a leadoff spot for which he is completely ill-suited, (apparently) without complaint. A 6’5″, 240-pound leadoff man, yikes. This experiment is squandering a lot of power.

  2. Well, Heyward-at-leadoff was just a random experiment last year, then he caught fire…maybe we’ll have to try something else this year.

  3. Nice portrait selection for old Chuck.

    I was behind him once in security line at D/FW. At first I thought it was Heston, then decided it couldn’t be because he was stooped and feeble and not nearly as tall as I figured, but then I realized it was the Right Ham of God. I still regret not yelling to security: “Hey! This guy likes to pack heat!” I’m sure it would have given them a chuckle as they arrested me.

    (And I can’t get entirely down on old Chuck, because Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil would not have been made if he hadn’t asked for Welles and forgone his usual pay to get him, even if Heston’s about as convincing as a Mexican cop as John Wayne was as Genghis Khan.)

  4. Much like Wayne, he wasn’t a great actor but he was (usually) a lot of fun as a movie star.

    “Get yer stinkin’ paws off me, you damn dirty APE!”

  5. Pepe, that’s the line I almost quoted in the post. And, Toky, you’re right — Touch of Evil was fantastic.

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