Open thread, 5/10, #Braves vs. Michael Flatleys

The Braves’ sputtering offense won’t get any help tonight as Jeff Samardzija toes the rubber for the Little Cubs. The former Notre Dame tight end is a walking advertisement for the meaningless of the win for pitchers — he has none despite a 1.42 ERA. Tyler Pastornicky gets the start at 2B tonight as the Braves continue to audition replacement for The Oafbatross.

Meanwhile, the fragile Jordan Walden has been placed on the DL with a hamstring injury. Ian Thomas has been recalled from Gwinnett.

The line-up:

1. Heyward RF 2. JUpton LF 3. Freeman 1B 4. Gattis C 5. Johnson 3B 6. BUpton CF 7. Simmons SS 8. Santana P 9. Pastornicky 2B

Yes, the Lord of the Dance is a Chicago native. 


11 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/10, #Braves vs. Michael Flatleys

  1. You still haven’t used Charlton Heston, Richard Speck and Frank Nitti for Chicago.

  2. Woo-hoo! Braves not only beat the Little Bears, Soriano blows a save in the 9th for the Natspos, and the Jaso hits a 2-out, walk-off double in the 10th.

  3. I’d love to read some internal club, valid, butts-in-the-seats attendance numbers for the season to date. Lots of empty real estate along the third base line during the Cardinals and Giants series – the Cards and the Giants, for God’s sake. Promising that things will be better when school is out rings pretty hollow when fans aren’t turning out for the best the NL has to offer.

  4. These attendance numbers make me wonder about the move in 2017. Will the new stadium really make fans care again? Attendance hasn’t reached 3 million since the year 2000-which is when the Braves fan malaise began.

  5. Lower-level tickets are too expensive. That, and I don’t know the stats, but it appears attendance is down throughout baseball. It’s rare to see highlights, especially of weekday games, and not see big patches of empty seats.

  6. Who needs fans in attendance when you’ve got such a kick-ass local TV deal? And everyone knows that exorbitant TV deals will last forever. Hooray Bud Selig!

  7. It looks like our average attendance is down about 12% from last year while all of MLB is down about 6%. I know part of that is seasonal due to spring versus summer crowds. I don’t think we will see a significant uptick in attendance until we make another serious postseason run. Until that time, the casual fan will be content to count the days until football season starts.

  8. ESPN page shows Braves average home attendance YTD is 14% below the 31,465 for all of 2013 season. I’m sure there’s a reliable site out there that shows attendance vs. the same period a year ago (to normalize for improvement after school lets out), I just can’t find it. At any rate, cause for sighs.

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