Open Thread, 5.9, #Braves vs. the Jim Belushis

The Little Bears could hardly arrive at a better time. They’re playing .364 ball, sporting the third worst record in MLB.

The offense is bad, but it’s similar to the Braves’ attack. Check this out:

Batting average: Braves .234/Cubs .230

Runs: Braves 105/Cubs 129

OBP: Braves .293/Cubs .300

OPS: Braves Braves .673/Cubs .659

Pretty bad when your offense is comparable to that of the Little Bears. On the mound, the Braves have an edge, yet the LBs’ pitching has not been awful. Then again, other than the D-backs, NL pitching overall has been good and offense down this season. No NL team whose home is not Coors Field is hitting higher than .263, and the league average is but .248.

Our pen has been quite a bit better than the Little Bears’. Let’s hope we see Kimbrel a couple times this series. We will not see the Oafbatross, at least not in tonight’s starting lineup.

We’ll see: J-Hey, J. Upton, Freddie, Gattis, Johnson, BJ, Simmons, Teheran, Pena.

And this note from both local Braves scribes: Wood is going to the pen, at least for a couple turns. No surprise, especially considering the way Floyd pitched Tuesday and the fact Wood’s never thrown a ton of innings in a season.

* John Belushi’s far less funny brother is from Chicago.



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