Open thread, 5.6, #Braves. vs. the Universe

I don’t think Fredi’s as bad as most around here. I really don’t. He’s no Bobby Cox, Whitey Herzog or Bruce Bochy, granted. He bunts too much. He’s a pedestrian strategist. But I don’t think last year’s Braves won 96 games by accident. Fredi is a steady hand. I think players like playing for him.

Then he pulls something like this. He puts Oaf back in the lineup. I don’t get it. At all.

Pena had as many hits last night as Oaf’s had in his past seven games combined. Pena homered last night. That’s one more RBI than Oaf has produced in his past 15 games. He has none since that night in Philadelphia when he hit two homers and had 5 RBI. That was April 14, nearly a month ago. He’s 2 for his last 25. That’s an .080 batting average. He’s….

It’d be one thing if there were any hope for Oaf. Dude hit .233 his first year as a Brave and …it’s been downhill since. In the past two full seasons plus the first month-plus of 2014, the Oaf is hitting .200, actually .1998, with 369 strikeouts. That covers more than 1,200 plate appearances. That is a large sample. He is done.

Nice guy, by all accounts. Hustles, blah, blah, horse shit, dog piss, as my friend Duane might say. The time has come. Oaf is no good anymore. He offers nothing. Pena might be nothing more than a serviceable utility infielder. That’s a damn sight better than Oaf. Fredi, it’s time. It’s past time. Frank, it’s past time. Oaf must go. Speaking of Frank, has anyone ever made two worse long-term signings that overlap than Oaf and BJ? FW’s done a good job overall, but man. His mistakes are colossal. That has to be the worst $135 million investment in players this side of Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle  (combined $170M from the Rockies.)

Your humble bloggers will be at the yard tonight. If you listen closely to the broadcast, you might hear CB howling when Oaf comes to bat. We’ll see this lineup:

J-Hey, Justin, Freeman, CJ, Laird, BJ, the Oaf, Floyd, Simmons. Oh yeah, Gavin Floyd’s debuting tonight.




9 thoughts on “Open thread, 5.6, #Braves. vs. the Universe

  1. Could be worse. The Rangers, including this year, owe Prince Fielder $138 million (not including $30 million the Tigers will pay), and Fielder’s stats (.231 BA, 2 HR, 11 RBI) are only marginally better than Oaf’s. At the very worst, we’re rid of Uggla after next season, but the Rangers will have to carry Fielder’s considerable dead weight through 2020.

  2. Of course, at the time the Rangers acquired Fielder, I said I thought they’d traded a pretty good player (Ian Kinsler) to acquire the worst contract in baseball, but did anybody around here listen to me?

  3. I will blame Fredi for the silly little things he does (having Laird bunt tonight and PHing Donut instead of Gattis for example), but I think the Uggla nonsense is coming from the suits in the front office who cannot understand the concept of a sunk cost.

  4. I’m with you, pepe and you also make a good point, willie. I think Wren will swallow hard, admit a mistake and release the Oaf. There’s always ego involved from the front office, especially when JS was the GM. Releasing a guy you’ve signed to a big contract is acknowledging a screwup, and pro sports execs don’t like to do that.

  5. “Releasing a guy you’ve signed to a big contract is acknowledging a screwup, and pro sports execs don’t like to do that” – Yeah, but if Wren can’t admit it after the big bag of nothing Uggla’s given us, he’s delusional at this point.

  6. CD, the one good reason Uggla played last night would be because of lefty/righty splits. Pena is a .144 lifetime hitter against southpaws. Uggla is hitting .250 this year against lefties as opposed to .172 against righthanders. So as far as I’m concerned, if Uggla isn’t released, he at least should be platooned with Pena. As bad a job as Wren has done in constructing an offense, how to best use Uggla is entirely in Fredi’s hands.

  7. Good point, clete, and I agree about using Uggla being in Fredi’s hands. However, whether to keep Oaf on the roster is mainly Wren’s call. And I don’t think he is delusional. Who knows? Maybe they keep him and a platoon with Pena can work.

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