‘Of all the dramatic things I’ve ever seen,’ seven years ago tonight

Regardless of your feelings about Chip, Joe, Powell and Sutton, we should all thank God we don’t have to listen to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

Bonus: A collection of Sterling bloopers





  1. Suzyn is horrendous, but I am so done with our radio guys.

    If I’m following on the radio on a given day, it’s because I am popping in and out. Hence, it frustrates me to no end, that they never give the score with any regularity. I leave the office at 7:45pm and jump in the car. Don tells me the inning, the count, and then some old yarn about Ron Cey. Tell me the score, asshole.

    I had to step away in the beginning of the 10th inning of the Sunday Reds game (our last win, shit). I come back, and Don tells us that we’re headed to the bottom of the 10th. That’s it. Still tied, or are we behind? Who the fuck knows. It’s like they forget that radio listeners, by definition, cannot see the field.

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