Open thread, 5/4, #Braves vs. Rob Schneiders

Gavin Floyd has been activated, but the Braves aren’t saying what his role will be. Ian Thomas was demoted to Gwinnett to make room.

Andrelton is getting the day off for unspecified personal reason but is expected to return Monday. Maybe Dan Uggla will take some personal time soon.

The Albatross is in the line-up, batting 7th, despite going 1-for-18 with 8 Ks against today’s starter, Madison Bumgarner. I fear a sweep. 

Heyward 9 BUpton 8 Freeman 3 JUpton 7 Gattis 2 Johnson 5 Uggla 4 Pena 6 Wood 1

Schneider is a San Francisco native, a stain on the City by the Bay’s resume. 


8 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/4, #Braves vs. Rob Schneiders

  1. Fredi won’t put Avilan, who’s got a 7.04 ERA and a 2.48 WHIP, into a close game, but we send Thomas down. Oy. Floyd will be starting in place of Santana in his next start because of a bruised thumb, but after that, who knows? And if Floyd is starting in a couple of days, what’s the sense of activating him until you’re ready to use him? With Thomas sent out (and Avilan apparently uselss), the bullpen is now short two arms. WTG, Fredi.

  2. I was avoiding checking on the game until late, but I just checked, and see that we’re down 4-1 in the 9th. So that’s 6 straight losses, and 12 games with 1 or 0 runs. Right now, I have no confidence this team can overcome any lead of 2 or more runs, and even then, we probably need at least 5 innings to do so.

  3. And we don’t manage a baserunner or even getting the ball out of the infield in the 9th. I hate it when I’m right like that.

  4. It’s never a good sign when 1988 and German Jimenez are invoked in the broadcast.

  5. I think the statute of limitations on Floyd’s rehab assignment was up, necessitating the roster move. Thomas didn’t look quite ready for prime time, though I bet we see more of him.

  6. Gonzalez’ foolishness in trotting out the same futile lineup day after day do not bode well. If the bar for this group is as high as it should be, methinks Wren’s gonna have to find himself a new manager.

  7. Shake things up. Try Andrelton at leadoff, maybe bat Heyward 2 or 5. Maybe try BJ at leadoff and Andrelton No. 2. Something’s got to give. Smoltz said no one is playing under more pressure than Heyward, and he is right.

  8. Heyward has been doing fine lately. I think he should stay where he is. I’m not even worried that much about B.J., though flipping him with Simmons in the order might work better.

    This is a team that strikes out a ton, and this is what you get when you can’t manufacture runs. It’s going to be all or nothing. The only real improvement would be getting rid of Uggla. La Stella would be a great replacement as he’s a contact hitter, but he’s not coming up until he gets 300 AB’s in AAA, so we’re looking at a July call-up. At the very least, Uggla is here through May.

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