Open thread, 5/3, #Braves vs. Margaret Chos

It was a pleasure not watching Uggla flail about at the plate and in the field last night, but Fredi doesn’t like it when we’re happy. The Albatross is back in the line-up, hitting 7th. Meanwhile, the gap between his numbers and Tommy LaStella’s continues to widen. LaStella, at 25, deserves the chance; by the time Uggla’s contract expires, 20-year-old Jose Peraza (.346 with 13 steals at High-A Lynchburg) might be ready for the majors. .

Not that Uggla is solely to blame for the Braves’ offensive woes. They left two runners on base in six separate innings last night — par for the course, though I guess we should be happy for the baserunners. The Braves .298 OBP ranks next-to-last in the NL, and though it’s hard to quantify what role a hitting instructor plays in performance, the White Sox consistently ranked near the bottom in OBP during Greg Walker’s tenure.

Office reader NahaGomez points out that, in Terry Pendleton’s last year as hitting coach, the Braves led the NL in OBP. Just saying.

The line-up:

Heyward 9 BUpton 8 Freeman 3 JUpton 7 Gattis 2 Johnson 5 Uggla 4 Simmons 6 Teheran 1

A loss tonight and a Nats win would displace the Braves from first place, but it could be worse. St. Louis, widely regarded as the class of the NL, is now a game under .500, 6.5 games behind the Brewers.

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  1. Tokyokie says:

    The Braves have now scored 1 run or fewer in 11 of 29 games. It’s not merely that Greg Walker should have been fired after last season’s miserable offensive results, it’s that given the crapulence of the White Sox’s hitting under his tutelage, he never should have been hired in the first place. Especially when Rudy Jaramillo was available (which he still is).

  2. atlpaddy says:

    I hate to be such a negative Nelly this early in the season, but barring a major restructuring of the team at the All-Star break, you can count on tis team getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs, that is if the even make it. The Braves & shirty hitting? Same as it ever was…

  3. atlpaddy says:

    Blame the weird misspellings above on my smartphone.

  4. pepefreeus says:

    That hit and run (with Freeman!) was a back breaker.

    Wren needs to put his foot down. I don’t care if it pisses Cox off, we can’t have a team that is set up for a multi-year run being helmed by that fucking imbecile.

  5. cleteboyerfan says:

    Pepe, you’re right; that was a bonehead call. You’d think a manager would know the abilities of his personnel. And that manager should know that the ONLY lineup regular he should trust with a hit and run is Simmons because he is the only lineup regular who is certain to not strikeout 100 times this year.

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