Open thread, 5.2, #Braves vs. Todd Bridgeses

Where to start. Uggla’s on the bench! Uggla’s on the bench! The Oafer will not play tonight. We hope. We’ll see if Fredi can resist using him as a pinch hitter. Oaf is the only Brave regular with more strikeouts than hits and walks combined. Dan’s early, brief era of good feeling has ended, as his BA has plunged to .194 and his OBP and fielding percentage languish below .250. Just kidding about the latter; not the former. He does lead NL second basemen in errors, of course.

The second major item is that Minor starts tonight. Welcome back, Mike. Now go stop the season’s first three-game losing streak.

Your lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freeman, Justin, CJ, Simmons, Pena, Laird, Minor. Fredi’s resting Gattis along with Oaf concerns me. Methinks he’s just giving them both a day as opposed to actually reducing Oaf’s playing time in a systematic way. We’ll see.

* Todd Bridges of Diff’rent Strokes fame has had a checkered life, along with the rest of that cast. He was born in San Francisco.


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