Time for Wren to #ReleaseDanUggla

Reasons for:

If he doesn’t, Fredi will keep trotting him out there every day.

No one is going to take him off your hands. Drop that fantasy.

It’s classic addition by subtraction. You won’t find a worse everyday player in baseball. Hell, in all of sports.

Tommy LaStella has six fewer errors, 20 fewer strikeouts, twice as many walks and a BA and OPS roughly .120 points higher.

Ramiro Pena could play better defense with his eyes closed.

We won’t have to hear anymore lame alibis by Braves announcers, who, during tonight’s telecast, were all too happy to dissect Jay Hey’s troubles at the plate while applauding Uggla’s warning track power.

I won’t have to beat this dead horse anymore.

Reasons against:

He’s popular with teammates. I guess, but if watching Uggla’s nightly futility drives us crazy, imagine how it is for his fellow Braves.


5 thoughts on “Time for Wren to #ReleaseDanUggla

Add yours

  1. He will be gone by Memorial Day. As bad as he was last year, he has been even worse this year. I just hope they make it a clean break and release him, instead of keeping him around on the bench.

  2. I think someone would give us a throw away prospect for him if we pay all the salary. A trade for something looks better than an outright release and will save some face for Danny and Wren

  3. I guess I’m just hoping for the best possible outcome for a shitty situation. But don’t get me wrong I’m fine with whatever gets him gone the quickest.

    Still, there are some pretty stupid GMs out there. I bet someone picks him up after we cut him loose.

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