Open thread, 5/1, #Braves vs. Golden Girls

Actually, the Golden Girls would be a more appropriate sobriquet for the Braves offense. Fredi ain’t helping things with his bizarre line-up construction. B.J. hitting 2nd is questionable, to be sure, but at least his bat has shown modest signs of life. Uggla, meanwhile, is batting 6th once again even though it’s a safe bet his average will sink below the Mendoza line tonight. Subtract April 12th from his stat line and Uggla would have no homers and five RBI. He’d still have 28 K’s and 7 errors.

I’m convinced the only way to get him out of the line-up is an outright release. FW decides who’s on the team; Fredi decides when to play him. I guarantee you leaving Uggla off the playoff roster last year was Wren’s call all the way. Fredi seems compelled to make amends for it by continually starting the Albatross.. Either that or Uggla has some compromising photos of his manager. There’s no other logical explanation for playing a guy who, in his last seven months, has topped a .200 BA two times, including this April’s .202.

Maybe the D’backs will take him. He’s a grinder, after all, and it just makes sense that the worst regular in baseball play for the worst team.

1. Heyward RF 2.BUpton CF 3. Freeman 1B 4. JUpton LF 5.Gattis C 6. Uggla 2B 7.Johnson 3B 8. Simmons SS. 9. Santana P


7 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/1, #Braves vs. Golden Girls

  1. I would try BJ in the leadoff spot and Andrelton No. 2. Drop Heyward to No. 7, right above Uggla. Heyward has not looked right all season.

  2. Jay Hey has actually been better of late. Uggla shouldn’t be hitting 8th — he should be hitting the streets looking for another job.

  3. Why don’t we submit our predictions for Uggla this year and then we can see who gets it closest? The winning prize will be an Uggla jersey, which the winner can then burn in his back yard. We might as well try to get some fun out this.

  4. The only thing I hate more than radical shifts that leave huge gaps in the infield while runners are in scoring position is pitching that almost guarantees hits going that way.

    This franchise’s long term worthlessness at strategery is still all too apparent.

  5. ‘And why the hell is that cheater Paul Byrd doing post-game analysis for the Braves? He offers nothing.’

    I’ve been wondering that for a while now -and he looks even weirder to me than I remember from his playing days.

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