Open thread, 4.30, #Braves vs. Philip Michael Thomases

Time to get back on the beam. Let’s hope Big Ol Hangdog doesn’t follow Wood’s stumble with one of his own. I don’t think the young southpaw’s bad game portends anything. Doubt I’d feel the same way if BOH were to get hammered tonight.

Bravo hitters will face another fireballing righty in Eovaldi. An offensive spark would be nice. The Braves are virtually at the NL average in OPS and just above it in homers, but are worse than the NL norm in just about every other category — runs per game, batting average, on base percentage, strikeouts, walks, total bases. Our boys have a league-low four sacrifice bunts. The league average is 10. Holy Crapward.

The pessimist in me thinks we better get on the stick with the sticks because the pitching ain’t going to stay this good. Of course, the pitching won’t stay THIS good. But it can certainly stay good. On the other hand, the offense should improve, if only because Heyward is not a .194-.288 OBP hitter. Oafer and BJ, however, surely appear to be .209 and .211 hitters, respectively. Should they continue their unsightly play, one would figure that they’ll eventually be replaced, at least some of the time. Some combination of Pena, LaStealla, Pastornicky, Schafer and Doumit mixed with still a dash of Oafer and BJ could hardly be worse than a full-on diet of the two worst full-time position players in MLB.

So improvement from Heyward and fewer ABs from TTWFTPPIMLB can only help the offense.

At least one of those two things could happen tonight. Your lineup: Heyward, BJ, Freeman, Justin, Gattis, Oafer, Johnson, Andrelton, Harang.

* PMT was, of course, co-star of Miami Vice. He then went on to record a couple of albums and serve as TV pitchman for a bunch of telephone psychics. He lives in south Florida, according to a hilariously gushing bio on Quick sample: “During the stratospheric years of Miami Vice (1984-1989), PMT released two highly regarded albums: Livin’ the Book of My Life (1985) and Somebody (1988), both on his own Starship Records label, with distribution by industry giant Atlantic Records. Although much loved by fans to this day, his albums didn’t sell as well as expected (perhaps due to a wide range of musical styles that defied pigeonhole) and remain out of print…”





3 thoughts on “Open thread, 4.30, #Braves vs. Philip Michael Thomases

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  1. Two nights in a row giving up 9 runs and doing nothing on offense…I guess we knew Harang wouldn’t be perfect for long, but 9 runs given up is quite a shock.

    But I agree with the post; the main concern is the offense’s lack of runs so far. Only two clubs in the Majors have scored fewer runs than the Braves’ 92 runs – San Diego (77) and Houston (88). At some point they have to improve if they expect to stay in the NL East lead; we can’t ask our pitchers to win 1 – 0 games all year long…

  2. Caz, it’s only a shock until you remember its Aaron Harang. Our offense does blow, however. I just hope that the Braves aren’t embarking on an early May swoon.

  3. By my count, the Braves have been held to one run or fewer 9 times this season. Luckily, we’ve won a couple of those, but still, that’s not good.

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