Keith Law is an idiot

According to the German board games enthusiast, Bryce Harper’s thumb injury is Matt Williams’ fault.

Williams’ tirade on “lack of hustle,” directed at a player who is hustle incarnate, was a low point for the Nationals this season, but Harper’s injury, which came as he tried to stretch a double into a triple by — wait for it — hustling, is a new nadir. It’s bad enough that the inexperienced manager felt the need to heap dispraise on Harper in a public forum; it’s worse that those empty criticisms might in any way have led to Harper taking more of a risk than usual and tearing that thumb ligament.

Law says Williams deserves to be fired for “mishandling” Borasbot II. I guess he would’ve canned Bobby for pulling Andruw from a game back in 1998.




7 thoughts on “Keith Law is an idiot

  1. Agreed. And what point does a 21 year old be held responsible for his own actions? Call me crazy, but by the time you’re 18, you should be a man, not some child under the care of an adult.

  2. Andruw was only about 22 or 23 when Bobby did that but he was old enough to know better, and it helped turn him into a HOFer, in my opinion.

    Roadrunner, does that mean he shouldn’t be on his parents’ health insurance until he is 26 like Pajama Boy?

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