Open thread, 4.27, #Braves vs. Herb Tarleks

So much for Pena getting a few ABs. Maybe Fredi’s waiting for Uggla to sink below the Mendoza Line.

I won’t watch today because of kid duties. Too bad because it should be a beaut, with Julio vs. Cueto. I like Cueto’s windup.

Your lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freddie, Justin, CJ, The Oaf, Andrelton, Laird, Julio.


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 4.27, #Braves vs. Herb Tarleks

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  1. Uggla, after 3 Ks so far today, is one AB away from the Mendoza line. He’s gone 1-for-16 over the last 5 games, with a single and 10 Ks. Geez, dude, couldn’t you at least dive into an inside pitch? What you’re doing isn’t helping.

  2. The Braves let Hudson and McCann walk in the offseason.
    Thank goodness they re-signed Roger McDowell.

  3. What a game, Cueto and Teheran matched each other throughout. Was definitely a treat to watch, especially with Freddie delivering the clutch hit to get the win.

    I’m not as concerned with others about Uggla, as most of the other hitters are doing okay (Heyward has to come around at some point, right?), but it would be nice to see Pena get some playing time just to see what he can do. These 1 – 0 games are becoming pretty common this season and it would be nice to try another bat in the lineup who could provide an extra boost.

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