Open thread, 4/26, #Braves vs. 98 Degrees

A few observations from last night’s close call:

Braves announcers need to stop telling us that Dan Uggla is a solid defender. He’s not. Careless errors count, too, and The Albatross has a lot of them. Seven, to be exact.  In 21 games. He’s been just as offensive with the bat, striking out three times and hitting into a double play last night. But there he is, batting sixth despite horrid numbers against right-handers: 13-for-68 (.191) with 1 HR, 4 BB, 22 K’s, .253 OBP and .279 slugging. Those 4 walks account for his 2014 total. He does have decent numbers against Mike Leake, however. 

Chris Johnson hasn’t been much better with the bat or glove. Again, I don’t see why Fredi refuses to give Ramiro Pena an opportunity to start, though CJ deserves more time to right himself, based on his work last year.

Luis Avilan can’t seem to throw a breaking ball that doesn’t hang; is it time to give Ian Thomas a look in the later innings?

This will presumably be David Hale’s last start, for now, but he’s earned the right to stay in Atlanta. The bullpen needs reinforcements, and Hale could end up playing a major role in relief. Meanwhile, Mike Minor gave up four homers last night in his final rehab start.

The line-up:

Heyward 9, BUpton 8, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Gattis 2, Uggla 4, Johnson 5, Simmons 6, Hale P



2 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/26, #Braves vs. 98 Degrees

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  1. I can’t see tinkering with the rotation whatsoever. It is the only part of the club that is exceeding expectations. When someone falters, and history and probabilities say at least one guy will, then worry about Minor and Floyd. For now, they should be considered as working toward a bullpen slot.

    When a kid goes out there and performs like Hale has, he earns the right to stick. I remember when Gerald Perry was called up to fill in for an injured and aging Chris Chambliss. Perry sprayed line drives all over the place and all it got him was a ticket back to Richmond. He never swung the bat like that again.

  2. I hear you, Jack, but Minor has pitched great ball for a season-and-a-half, while Hale has done so for four or five starts. No way Minor goes to the pen.

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