Open Thread, 4.25, #Braves vs. Jerry Springers

Let’s hope a day off helps Freddie’s eyes clear.

The Redlegs are only a .500 club, but they’ve won seven of their past nine, including three straight against the Pirates. Two of those seven wins were against the horrific Cubs, so that hardly counts. Still, Cincy’s a solid team. Their rotation is strong. Cueto, who faces Julio in a tasty Sunday matchup, is among the NL’s better starters and Saturday starter Leake’s not bad.

Santana faces Homer Bailey tonight. After three woeful outings, the hard-throwing Homer blanked the aforementioned Little Bears for six innings his last time out. Nice work, but again, the Cubs are disastrous, even by Cubs standards. Bailey has thrown a couple of no-hitters but has never quite lived up to his promise as a highly touted prospect a few years ago. So far this season, Homer’s lived up to his name: six taters in 20 innings. That might bode well for the homer-happy Braves.

Regardless, it’s a safe bet at least a couple of these tilts will be typical Braves nail biters. Good news on that front is Kimbrel is back in form, and Aroldis Chapman is still disabled. But Augusta, Ga. native Jonathan Broxton is 4-for-4 in saves in his stead.

No lineups yet, but if I had to guess it’ll look a lot like this:

Lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freddie, Justin, Gattis, Uggla, CJ, Andrelton, Santana. (Gattis in the 5 hole. I like it.)

* Jerry Springer is a former Cincinnati city councilman. During his first term, he resigned after he admitted hiring a prostitute. Cops found his check when they raided the “massage parlor.” The check bounced, according to Wikipedia. But Springer was honest about the sordid doings, rebounded and won election to the city council again before becoming a TV star. He was born and reared in England. 


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