Friday free-for-all

*Keith Law doesn’t think much of Alex Wood.

Q: surprised wood didnt make the top 25 even after his fantastic start to the season. Do you not think he will keep it up?

Klaw: I do not, at all. Bad delivery, already blew out once, fringy breaking ball, and that hot start (SSS) comes after he lit up two bad lineups.

Actually, he’s only faced one bad line-up — the Marlins. He’s allowed 5 runs in 27 IP against the Nats (twice), the Brewers and the Phils and that “small sample size” excludes the 77-2/3 IP Wood logged last year. Overall he’s struck out 112 in 112-2/3 IP with a 2.64 ERA and 1.216 WHIP. As for Wood’s funky delivery, they said the same thing about Chris Sale, perhaps the best southpaw in baseball not named Clayton Kershaw.

Law was down Mike Minor, too, calling him a back-end starter at best. And he continues to underestimate Evan Gattis, who he predicted would have a lesser career than John Buck.

*Only Scott Boras rivals Klaw as a Bryce Harper apologist. The Yankees, Cowboys and Heat fan had himself quite a night Wednesday against the Angels. In the sixth inning, trailing by one run with no outs and Adam LaRoche at first, Harper attempted a bunt. On a 2-2 count. He popped up to the catcher, snuffing any hopes of a rally. On his next AB, with one out in the 8th and the Angels leading by two, Harper hit a weak grounder to first and gave the equivalent of a middle finger to Matt Williams and his teammates when he jogged down the line. Albert Pujols bobbled the ball, saving Harper, who barely beat the Angels slugger to the bag. Wonder how the starfuckers would’ve defended Harper had he been called out? 

*I barely knew the name Josh Lueke before today. Now that I’m aware the Tampa reliever is a rapist, I feel obligated to point that out every time I type his name, which won’t be much, since he boasts a 6.08 career ERA. Convicted rapists have no place in baseball, and if pointing that out bothers certain people, too bad.

*The AL RBI leader is a 30-year-old rookie: Chris Colabello, who has 26 for the Twins. Among the other SSS aberrations after three-plus weeks: Former Braves reliever Jesse Chavez, who has a 1.38 ERA as a starter with Oakland; Charlie Blackmon, leading the majors in WAR and the NL in hitting; Dayan Viciedo, tops in the AL with a .377 BA; and Giants reliever Jean Machi, tied for the league lead in wins with 4.

*We’re compiling the all-time worst Braves defensive team. No mystery as to who will be the 2B — your nominations are welcome.


8 thoughts on “Friday free-for-all

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  1. One of my all-time favorite Braves, Rico Carty, was also one of the all-time worst defensive outfielders, especially after ruining a knee.

  2. Every time someone brings up Charles Manson, they have to mention that murder stuff. Do they think it makes them more anti-murder than everyone else?

  3. Wonder if the Reds might’ve been a little premature in forking over $105 million to Homer Bailey. They know him and his abilities better than anyone, but it’s certainly a questionable move.

  4. The 70’s and 80’s will give us no shortage of nominees, however that worthless Garrett Anderson needs to be in LF. Speaking of worthless, for the longest time I thought Keith Law was the same person as Vance Law, the equally useless utility infielder from the 80’s.

  5. Vance was a rather nicer guy. I got his autograph (and Luis Salazar’s, they were chatting together when I asked) when he was in A ball.

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