Open thread, 4.23, #Braves vs. Daryl Crowe Jr.s

I was among the few at the yard last night. The Braves sold 18K or so tickets, but at first pitch there were probably 10,000 people there. The Marlins are never much of a draw, but weekday attendance is down this year. Granted, it’s only a handful of games, and it only makes sense that fewer people would show up on work/school nights. And there’s something to be said for strolling around the concourse with no lines for beer or food.

But it’s more fun when there are 25,000 or more in the stands. I suspect there won’t be that many for today’s nooner. Pretty Boy Aaron Harang seeks to keep the magic alive vs. Nate Eovaldi, who suddenly is famous for throwing the ball 100 mph. Eovaldi’s young and so far pretty average.Yet he can fling it very hard.

Back to last night, Wood was superb. Fernandez was a smidge better. Chris Dimino said on 680 the Fan this morning that Wood is the first pitcher since Tom Seaver in 1973 to lose consecutive starts 1-0 while pitching 8 or more innings in both games. I doubt any team in history would have scored off Fernandez last night. You can only see so much from the upper deck, but he was simply overwhelming.

Justin, B.J. and Gattis get the day off, but The Albatross is in the line-up, batting 6th. Did Ramiro Pena knock over Fredi’s Harley or something?

Heyward 9 Simmons 6 Freeman 3 Johnson 5 Doumit 7 Uggla 4 Schafer 8 Laird 2 Harang 1

* Daryl Crowe Jr. is a character on one of my favorite TV shows, Justified. I’m not a big fan of the actor, Michael Rapaport, but his psycho criminal swampbilly Daryl is pretty awesome, like just about everything else on that show. The Daryl wing of the Crow clan migrated from the Everglades to Kentucky to continue their reprehensible doings, with mixed results.


18 thoughts on “Open thread, 4.23, #Braves vs. Daryl Crowe Jr.s

  1. Not to start another new stadium bitch session, but I expected attendance to be down this year and over the next two years as well, due to the ownership’s alienation of a segment of the fan base caused by the impending move. But who knows, this could also be the typical, annual apathy shown by most Atlantans regarding the Braves….

  2. You’re probably right, paddy. By the way, CB and I recently were re-reading some old stuff from the blog, and your comment to “Hal Phellis” was hysterical.

  3. Mike Dunn reminds me of Dewey Crowe. Hanging a couple of bad outings on him was one of the best things about this series.

  4. An astute comparison… I’m trying not to put the cart before the horse, but it looks like it’s going to be a particularly tough call when both Minor and Floyd are ready.

  5. Dewey is a hilarious moron. Good call, pepe. Unless Harang melts down, I think Floyd is headed for the pen. Hard to imagine taking the NL ERA leader out of your rotation. Of course, Harang might not be leading the league when Floyd’s ready. But if he’s still pitching remotely like this you’d have to think he’ll stick.

  6. I would be interested to know how many 1-0 games Tom Seaver lost between 1967 and 1973. Those Mets clubs didn’t hit at all.

    Harang leaves the ball up a lot, but those pitches have good late movement and/or they are a little too high to get good wood on.

    I thought Michael Rapaport was superb in Mighty Aphrodite.

  7. I don’t think Darryl Crowe Jr. was the best villain on Justified — that, of course, would be Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale) — but he was definitely the creepiest.

  8. I agree about Mags, Tokyokie. It just happens Daryl came from south Florida. Of course, the best bad guy on the show, and one of the great characters ever in a TV series, is Boyd Crowder. But Boyd’s so much fun I have a hard time calling him a villain.

  9. Aaron Harang looks like Daryl and Dewey’s creepier cousin, if you can imagine that. I agree with Tokyokie that Mags was Justified’s greatest villain. Oh, and count me as a member of the alienated fan base.

  10. I don’t consider Boyd Crowder to be a villain as much as a recurring character because he seems to work both sides of the law, and, of course, he’s survived more than one season. (I feel the same way BBQ proprietor/crime lord Ellstin Limehouse, although sadly, he didn’t appear this last season. Although given the inordinate amount of time he spent trimming racks of pork ribs, he may have been preoccupied.) The show seems to feature a new chief villain every season, who invariably winds up dead — Bo Crowder (season 1), Mags Bennett (season 2), Robert Quarles (season 3), Nicky Augustine (season 4), and Darryl Crowe Jr. is the season 5 continuation of that trend. But if you need another South Florida douchebag the next time our Braves play the Fish, you might consider Tommy Bucks, the mob hitman from the prologue of the show’s first episode. (Although coming up with South Florida douchebags shouldn’t be much of a problem.)

  11. cleteboyerfan, Now that you mention it, he could be the missing Crowe brother, Donnie.

  12. Dewey’s desperate break for freedom in an AMC Gremlin was the stuff of legend.

    Not sure about Tom but Blyleven lost an assload of 1-0 games.

  13. pepe, Agreed. Although I’d have thought the very fact somebody would bother to have a Gremlin towed should have raised some cop’s suspicions between West Texas and eastern Kentucky.

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